Grid Tied and Hybrid Power Systems

A grid tied renewable energy system for your home is a sensible and affordable option. The system can incorporate wind and solar to power your home. Shift Innovation designs modular systems tailored to meet budget limits while allowing for future expansion of the system as the benefits of savings in the electricity bill are felt.
Grid-tie systems are the most cost effective and efficient! Your solar system is connected directly into the mains supply in your home, reducing the amount of electricity drawn from the grid supply. Any excess energy generated by your renewable energy system that isn’t used in your home can be stored in batteries depending if this option is selected. A nett metering system may be available in your neighbourhood, which reduces system costs and improves efficiency of a system.

The system can be designed such that at the end of the month, your electricity bill is near zero.

Hybrid Power Systems

Hybrid power is an excellent way of using multiple forms of energy production to minimise your electricity bill or flatten your peak electricity demand as well as prepare your home for unexpected power cuts. Change over between different electrical supplies is done automatically and seamlessly so as not to interrupt your power usage or damage your appliances.

Wind, solar and conventional generators as well as the national grid are used to power your home. The national grid and a battery bank are used to store excess electrical energy generated by your renewable energy sources and are available on demand. A hybrid system has improved self-consumption of alternative energy sources and is therefore a more efficient system.

A hybrid system can be grid tied of off grid.

Off-Grid Isolated Power Solutions

The off-grid system is first prize for isolated areas that have no access to the national grid!

Off-grid means that you are independent of the National or Municipal grid and are self-sufficient for your energy needs. Power inputs including solar, wind, diesel/biogas generator and/or batteries for storage make up a hybrid system. The system intelligently manages the power inputs and battery charging so that there is always sufficient energy in the system for your specific energy demand. The system is designed such that maximum efficiency is maintained and that there is the least amount of wasted renewable energy.

Let Shift Innovation supply the premium solution for your game lodge, farm house, pack-shed, water pumps or game fence.

Back-up battery and Generator Power Supply

No power, no problem! Shift Innovation has the solution. We can fit our highly sophisticated control system with battery back-up and/or generator so that you aren’t inconvenienced by a power outage.

A battery back-up or an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) allows for a seamless change over between mains supply and back-up supply when there is an unexpected mains failure. A poor quality inverter can mean that your electronics don’t work on the AC power produced by your inverter or that your batteries don’t last as long as expected. This is why Shift Innovation only designs and installs inverters using the best of European technology. Shift Innovation inverters produce pure sine wave AC current that all appliances can understand and all Shift Innovation batteries and inverters have the highest quality and performance guarantees.

These modular systems can be increased in capacity or have renewable energy inputs added at any time, cost effectively and without too much work.