Shift Innovation

Welcome to the world of renewable energy! Your interest has hopefully led you on the path to becoming your own environmentally friendly electricity producer and Shift Innovation is the best choice in helping you achieve this goal.

There are a number of compelling reasons to invest in renewable power generation:

  • It is scalable from small systems of <1 kilowatt to huge power stations generating >100 Megawatts
  • It protects the user against any future increases in electricity tariffs from the utility company
  • At current tariffs, savings in electricity charges achieved through renewable energy generation results in a competitive and real return on investment from the project, with a “project payback” within the medium to long term.
  • It results in a reduced carbon footprint for the user, which could in future have further value in the form of tradable “carbon credits”.
  • It is an environmentally responsible thing to do.
  • It enhances a company’s image as a good corporate citizen.

Contact Shift Innovation today for recommendations and solutions for your unique power requirements.

About Us

Shift Innovation is an EPC Company that provides top quality equipment manufactured by World Leaders in these technologies from Europe, North America and South Africa. Our products and services ensure that maximum performance and efficiency is achieved and maintained for a long and trouble-free power system life. Coupled with this, Shift Innovation offers custom-made solutions for your unique energy requirements or to a specific budget. We design, build and maintain a system using solar electric technology, wind power technology, waste-to-power technology or a combination of these, to maximise the efficiency and performance of your renewable energy system.

Innovative design and high quality products combine to produce systems exceeding clients’ expectations in performance while still delivering strong economic justification for the investment.

Massive Investment into alternative and specifically renewable energy sources has taken place in the developed countries over the past few decades. This investment is now bearing fruit and power generation from renewable sources is now a viable alternative to the old conventional power generation stations.